Frequently Asked Questions

Who we are

​​We are a cleaning agency with a list of registered domestic cleaning contractors around Victoria. Our registered cleaners are interviewed, screened, police checked and trained prior to being accepted onto our registered cleaners list. We match our customers with a suitable cleaner based on location and job requirements and co-ordinate replacements and fill ins as required. Our services include both regular cleans as well as one-off cleans.

Why choose an Agency

​There are a number of reasons to choose an Agency over a private cleaner:

1) All our cleaners are interviewed, police checked and trained for your peace of mind

2) All our cleaners are insured for public liability

3) We organise replacement cleaners for you if you are not satisfied. No need for awkward conversations!

4) We find fill ins when your cleaner goes on holidays or can't clean

5) We do all the hard work of finding a suitable cleaner for you and have access to a large list of registered cleaners.

What we clean
​Anything or everything from the list below depending on your budget and requirements:

  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping hard surfaces
  • Dusting furniture
  • Removing cobwebs
  • Emptying bins
  • Cleaning kitchen
  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Cleaning and disinfecting toilets
  • Cleaning the laundry
  • General tidy up
  • Cleaning appliance exteriors
  • Sweeping entrance
  • Changing linen
  • Cleaning inside fridge
  • Cleaning inside windows

What products and equipment do you use

​For hygiene reasons and each customers personal preferences we use your products and equipment. We will discuss with you prior to your first clean what will be required.

Who will clean my home

​Our cleaners are insured, police checked, screened by us and trained prior to being placed in our customer's homes. Your cleaner will get in touch with you over the phone prior to a clean and can also meet with you beforehand to ensure you are comfortable allowing them into your home.

How do I pay

​For regular cleans payment is direct debit via our secure payment system. You will receive an invoice and be charged the day after your clean to allow you time to get back to us should you be dissatisfied with the service provided.

For one-off cleans payment is via credit card. We will secure your booking with your credit card details and will send out an invoice and charge your card automatically the day after your clean to allow you time to get back to us should you be dissatisfied with the service provided.

All payments are processed via our secure payment processing system and we do not charge until you are completely satisfied.

​​What if I'm not happy with a clean or cleaner

​We want you to be completely happy with your clean and therefore ask that you tell us immediately if things are not to your expectation. Any minor issues can easily be fixed and we are more than happy to send out a Quality Assurance manager to oversee your cleaners work until you are satisfied. Ultimately if you are unhappy with your cleaner that's no problem at all as we will gladly find a suitable replacement.

What if something goes wrong
​Whether you are unhappy with the service received or find something has been damaged just give us a call and we'll attend to the matter immediately. You will not be charged until you are completely satisfied.

​Will the same cleaner clean my home each time

​For regular cleans the same cleaner will come out each time.

Do I need to be home when my house is cleaned

​No you don't. We strongly encourage you to meet your cleaner prior to the first clean and be comfortable with letting them into your home. Whether you stick around or not during the clean is then completely up to you.

How does my cleaner get into my home

​You can let them into your home yourself before each clean or provide them with access to a key in a secure place like a lockbox. Alternatively if you are comfortable you can provide them with a key to your home for them to use each clean. Our cleaners have been instructed how to manage and safe keep customer keys for your peace of mind.

What happens if my cleaner is sick or goes on holiday

​We will happily organise a fill in cleaner.

Are you pet friendly

​Let us know about your furry friends at the time of booking and we will happily find you a cleaner who would love to work around them.

Do I need to do anything before a clean

​To clean or not to clean before a clean! This is completely up to you. Our cleaners are happy to tidy up before they get stuck into a clean or if you prefer to have them focus on just getting your home sparkling clean feel free to tidy before they arrive. This is a decision for you based on your requirements and budget.

What don't you clean

​We don't do steam cleaning, outdoor cleaning, outside window cleaning, washing walls or anything that can't be reached with a step ladder.