About Us

Our Story

When a time poor Melbourne Mum needed a helping hand around the home she hired a cleaner. Five cleaners later this Mum created YClean. Why? Amoungst the countless cleaning agencies and cleaners out there she just could not find anynone that truly took the chore of cleaning from her.

She wanted a CONSISTENT clean. Someone that cleaned well consistently and not just on the initial clean. 

She wanted a THOROUGH job done without having to clean after a clean.

She wanted someone she could TRUST in her home especially when she was not around.

She wanted a CASHLESS transaction and didn't want to madly rush around looking for the exact change each clean.

She wanted to be sure the cleaners being sent to her home were being treated with RESPECT and weren't being taken advantage of by the agency she hired.

​At YClean these five things are at the heart of why we exist and what really sets us apart from the rest is that we listen. We provide our service expecting you and your home are different from all our other clients. We don't send out robotic cleaners who mindlessly brush over your home. Our first meeting is made to understand what and how you would like your home cleaned and from there we find a suitable cleaner who is briefed specifically on your job. After your clean we will then be in touch to ensure your expectations were met. If they were not we will rectify any issues and then and only then will you be charged for the service.

We are a cleaning agency that strives to match your household with the perfect cleaner.